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             There's nothing quite as exhilarating as boating: the wind in your hair, the thrum of the wake against the hull, the snap of the mainsail and the buzz of an outbound fishing line. It's no wonder 75 million people in the U. READ MORE >>

                    How Auto Insurance Companies Set Their Rates Most people think the amount they have to pay for car insurance is just based on their driving record. But it's not. READ MORE >>


If you are carrying no-fault insurance in a no-fault state, your insurance will pick up the bill for a door ding. If you have full coverage, your comprehensive insurance will cover the door ding for you; just remember door dings and dents are covered one-by-one with your comprehensive insurance. READ MORE >>

A broken or cracked windshield can be a hazard to anyone in the front seat of a vehicle. The windshield is designed to protect the occupants of a vehicle and if it is compromised in any way, including hairline cracks, you are putting yourself at risk. READ MORE >>

If you hit someone in your vehicle, that is an at-fault accident according to your insurance company. If someone hits you in your vehicle, that is an accident which you are not at fault. Your insurance company will likely look at both accidents differently and not penalize you by raising your rates for the accident that is not your fault. READ MORE >>

Question: Is anyone who drives my car covered? Answer: In most cases, yes, as long as they have the permission or reasonable belief from the insured that they can use the vehicle. The insured is the person named on the insurance policy and their spouse if applicable. READ MORE >>

Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions: Here are some common automobile insurance frequently asked questions. Just click on the question you are interested in to find the answer. Do you have another question that is not answered here? You can post it on the forum or email me directly! READ MORE >>

Rental car insurance can be a complicated business, especially for international travel. For example, even the most seasoned traveler may be unaware that the auto insurance policy covering her car at home also extends to cover most rental cars. It's rarely necessary to buy rental car insurance over the counter at the rental agency. READ MORE >>

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