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What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Insurance?

When you think of it, commercial insurance has something to do with everything. It’s an expensive and complex product that offers a variety of benefits in return for your money. There are several unique benefits that come from having commercial insurance. The primary benefit offered by having commercial insurance is peace of mind. For expert insurance advice in Renton, WA, consult with All Nations Insurance. 

Be Steady and Able to Weather the Storm 

Being able to protect yourself against potential harm is one of the most important things about having the coverage that you need. You need protection from losing your job and negligent parties or property owners who don’t provide good repairs. 

Have you ever had a fire break out in your house and wanted to take only your home protection but also your mortgage protection? Or, have you ever had a car accident and needed to be on the move because the damage was so great? Having commercial insurance can help with those situations. 

Have Borrowers Protection Against Defaulting on a Loan 

If you borrow money from a lender and then don’t pay it back, you may have to pay a penalty or even a loan payment fee. This could make you highly unpopular with your lender and could even get you in trouble with the credit report. 

With commercial insurance, it is unnecessary to take out a mortgage or other type of debt to cover the loan amount. This can save you time, money, and frustration as you don’t have to research bad credit or loans and make a payment back before the loan is due. 

Are Covered in Cases of Natural Disaster 

If you’re in a situation where a natural disaster happens, such as a flood, an earthquake, a large storm, or a nuclear blast, having protection from defects is helpful. 

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Commercial insurance can also help protect your lender in the event of a bad payment. If you have questions about the benefits of commercial insurance, speak to All Nations Insurance in Renton, WA.

What You Should Know About Business Interruption Insurance

Business insurance usually covers the damage when your business is affected by a fire, storm, or other covered events. However, your bottom line is significantly impacted while your property is repaired. One way to protect your bottom line is to invest in business interruption insurance coverage. Many businesses in Renton, WA are unaware of this coverage, and because of this, we here at All Nations Insurance want to provide you with more information on business interruption coverage.

What Exactly Is Business Interruption Insurance?

While your business insurance is designed to protect your inventory, tools, and other assets, business interruption insurance is designed to replace any income that you lose as a result of a covered event. For instance, if a fire occurs in your building, business interruption insurance will compensate you for the sales that you would potentially receive while your property is undergoing the necessary repairs to become operational again.

Why Is This Coverage So Important?

It is not uncommon for businesses that shut down due to a fire or other disaster to never reopen their doors. The primary reason for this is because business owners do not have the funds to continue paying payroll, rent, and other expenses without a steady flow of income. Thankfully, business interruption insurance fills that gap and allows you to have the money necessary to pay your bills until your business doors can be reopened to the public.

What Kind of Events Are Typically Covered?

Since business interruption insurance is an add-on to your standard business or property insurance, the same events are generally covered, such as storms, fires, and possibly criminal activity. However, unless additional coverage has been purchased, you should not expect flooding to be covered.

If you would like to have your individual risk level assessed for your Renton, WA business, contact us at All Nations Insurance. We would love to sit down with you to ensure that you have the proper level of protection for your business.

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