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When is flood insurance necessary?

Those that are in the Renton, WA area will find owning a home can be a great housing option and long-term investment. Due to the importance of your home, you will want to know that you have the right insurance in place for it. One type of coverage to consider obtaining is flood insurance.

There are multiple scenarios when having this form of insurance will be necessary:

When Required by Lender

You may be required to carry a flood insurance plan by your lender. All banks and mortgage lenders take flood risk seriously. Due to this, if you are deemed to be in a high-risk flood zone, you will be required to carry this insurance as it will cover your lender’s collateral. There may also be a requirement to obtain this insurance in the future if your flood maps change and you are deemed to be at risk. 

When Trying to Cover Home

A situation when having flood insurance is a necessity is when you want to properly insure and protect your home. If you are going to invest in real estate, you will want to know you are prepared for all risks. As home insurance may not provide support for flood damage, the best way to cover your property is by getting a flood insurance plan. This coverage will ensure you are able to appropriately protect your assets.

Get Flood Insurance Today

Those that are in the Renton, WA area will want to know that they are insured the right way. For property owners, this will include having flood coverage. As picking this plan is important, you should call All Nations Insurance to discuss your needs. The professionals with All Nations Insurance will help you assess your need to have this coverage and can help you find an ideal plan. 

Exploring The Differences Between Flood Damage And Water Damage

All Nations Insurance serves the Renton, WA community. We are an independent insurance agency. We are committed to helping our clients find policies that align with their individual needs. We have working relationships with multiple carriers across the Pacific Midwest. This allows us to offer our clients a wide variety of policies. We are confident that we can help you find coverage regardless of your situation.

Exploring The Differences Between Flood Damage and Water Damage

The Renton, WA area is known for heavy rainfall. As a local resident, you’ve seen the aftermath first hand. On some occasions, the heavy rainfall can lead to flooding throughout the community. If your property has suffered significant flood damage, flood insurance will protect you. Flood insurance also covers any damage to your personal items as well. While looking over your policy, it’s important to recognize the difference between flood damage and water damage.

Flood Damage

Flood damage differs from water damage primarily due to the amount of distance covered throughout the area. Flood damage should impact multiple properties at one time. Flood damage generally occurs due to an overflow of coastal water or the structural erosion of an area containing a body of water.

Water Damage

Flood insurance does not cover any water damage to your property or personal items. Water damage is an issue to normally develops within your home.  For example, inclement weather penetrates your roof and causes damage to your walls and flooring. Perhaps your property is damaged because a pipe bursts. Sewage or drainage issues are also common causes of water damage. If your property is damaged in one of these scenarios, you’ll have to add flood insurance coverage, or you’ll be left unprotected.

All Nations Insurance Will Help You Cover Your Assets

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