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Tips to help prepare your house for a storm

As we enter the peak of hurricane season here in the Renton, WA area, it’s important to take steps to prepare your home in case a storm hits. Here are some tips from us at All Nations Insurance to help you get ready.

Tips to help prepare your house for a storm

1. Trim trees and shrubs

Make sure any trees or overhanging branches near your home are trimmed back so they won’t cause damage if high winds blow them onto your house.

2. Inspect the roof

Be sure to inspect all parts of your roof for any signs of damage that could be made worse by a storm. If needed, consider investing in impact-resistant roofing materials, such as metal or tile.

3. Secure windows

Board up or add shutters to all windows in the house and make sure they’re firmly secured against strong winds and driving rain. Windows can be one of the most vulnerable parts of a home in a storm so it’s important to prepare them ahead of time. 

4. Clear gutters & downspouts

Clogged gutters and downspouts can cause major flooding damage during a big storm so make sure everything is clear before one arrives. 

5. Prepare an emergency kit

Gather supplies like flashlights, spare batteries, non-perishable food items, water, extra clothing, and first aid supplies into an easy-to-access location in case you have to evacuate quickly due to the storm’s severity. 

Don’t Be Without Home Insurance

Taking these precautions now will help ensure your family stays safe during hurricane season and that you don’t have too much cleanup work afterward! For more tips, give us at All Nations Insurance a call. We are proud to serve the Renton, WA area and we’ll be happy to help you find the right policy for you.

How Often Should I Review My Home Insurance Policy

Purchasing a home is a significant financial commitment, and this is why you should buy homeowners insurance. However, to ensure that your home insurance provides you with adequate coverage, it’s crucial that you review it often. Here’s how frequently you should review your home policy as a resident of Renton, WA. 

Reviewing Home Insurance Policy

1. When Renewing Your Policy

You likely have to renew your home insurance policy every 12 months. It’s best that you start by reviewing your policy before renewing it. A lot might have changed about your property over the last 12 months that you need to update your policy. You might also want to change your deductible to reflect your current financial situation.

2. After Doing Renovations to Your Home

Renovating your home will usually increase its value. It’s vital that you review your home insurance policy soon after you complete renovating your home to indicate the increased value of your home and the renovations done. At All Nations Insurance, we suggest you do this so that if anything happens to your home, the settlement from your insurer will reflect your new home value.

3. When the Property Value in Your Neighborhood Rises or Falls

Residential property values are constantly fluctuating. If you have home insurance and the value of residential properties in your neighborhood rises, you will have to update your policy to show this. On the other hand, if the property values fall, you will also need to update your home policy, which might result in lower premiums for you.

4. When You Buy Expensive Stuff

No matter where your enthusiasm falls, you likely purchase expensive stuff such as art and jewelry and keep them in your home; whenever you do this, update your home policy. This will ensure you are compensated if your expensive purchase is damaged or stolen.

Are you looking to purchase home insurance in Renton, WA? All Nations Insurance has the best home insurance deals for you.

Five Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Home Insurance Policy

It can be so rewarding to be a homeowner, but the life of a homeowner can be full of unknowns. The good news is that your property investment can be protected by homeowner’s insurance, even if something unexpected occurs. If you are a new property owner in Renton, WA, or are concerned about the coverage of your current policy, here are five tips to help ensure you get the most out of your home insurance policy.

1. Review the Covered Risks

Whether you are obtaining a new insurance policy or your existing policy is up for renewal, you need to take the time to review the specific risks that are covered. Ultimately, it is important to ensure that your policy covers all of the standard perils like storm damage, fire, theft, and vandalism. In the event that you live in an area that faces unique dangers like floods and earthquakes, you should speak to All Nations Insurance about policy add-ons to ensure you are properly covered.

2. Update Your Personal Belongings Regularly

There are belongings inside of your home like furniture and electronics that your policy will pay for if damaged—up to a certain limit. However, you need to ensure that you keep an updated inventory of your personal property. After all, you never know when damage may strike, and you will want to ensure that newly purchased piece of art is covered.

3. Check Out Potential Discounts

While reducing coverage is a way you can save money on your home insurance premium, there are other more sensible ways to do so. Speak to your All Nations Insurance agent to find out what discounts may be available to you. You may be able to replace your roof, install a security system, or bundle all of your insurance policies together and save a considerable amount of money.

4. Determine the Proper Replacement Cost of Your Home

In the terrible event that your home is unlivable as a result of a covered risk, your homeowner’s insurance policy will pay to replace the property up to a certain amount. If this replacement cost is underestimated, however, your insurance claim check may not be enough to cover the property rebuild or a similar home purchase. Therefore, when determining the replacement cost of your home, do not assume this amount should be how much you paid for the home. Instead, focus on how much it will cost to build a new home.

5. Update Your Policy Before Improving Your Home

Your home can be exposed to a variety of risks that the standard homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover when you perform major repairs and renovations. With that being said, if a renovation is in your future, sit down with your insurer to find out if you need any kind of temporary and additional coverage for the duration of your project.

Serving Renton, WA, All Nations Insurance can help you get the most out of your homeowner’s insurance policy. Contact us today to discuss your insurance needs.

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