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5 Moments to update your life insurance

Life insurance is for everyone.

Many wrongly assume that life insurance is only for older adults. However, these policies protect anyone at any age. In fact, purchasing life insurance earlier can lock in lower premiums. But even existing policyholders can be left behind if they aren’t updating their coverage regularly.

Luckily, All Nations Insurance in Renton, WA can help. We provide more than personalized life insurance policies. Our team can also ensure that these plans stay up-to-date to meet your needs.

Here are five key events that require a review of your life insurance coverage:

Getting married

Walking down the aisle isn’t just a personal commitment. It’s a financial one. When a spouse does pass, bills and debt can be overwhelming. Life insurance shields your family from this burden.

Purchasing a home

Most families need two incomes to pay their mortgage payments. If your or a loved one happens to die unexpectedly, an insurance policy can help supplement these losses and keep your family in its home.

Having a child

Life insurance can’t make all the sleepless nights disappear. But it can help you rest a little easier. With this protection, your baby’s future will be safe and secure.

Starting a company

Keep your business in the family. An individualized life insurance policy also safeguards potential investors too. It’s a sign of stability and preparedness.

Enjoying retirement

Life insurance is about reducing risk and replacing wages. As you near retirement, these are less important. With Social Security, pension, and other benefits kicking in, now may be the time to actually decrease your coverage.

Get Life Insurance Today

Your life insurance should change and grow with you. Stay current by routinely reviewing your policy with All Nations Insurance in Renton, WA. Schedule an appointment today.

Common types of life insurance

In Renton WA life insurance is tailored to reassure that your beneficiaries will not struggle financially upon your demise. Life insurance is one of the most selfless gifts you can accord to your heirs, who you will leave behind upon your death. Regrettably, many Renton, WA residents regard life insurance as complicated and, at the same, it’s expensive. You don’t buy life insurance for yourself. It’s designed to cater to your beneficiaries’ financial needs after you die.

Those with beneficiaries need to make sure that their financial needs will be met upon your unexpected demise. Beneficiaries can utilize money derived from life insurance to cater to their everyday living expenses like medical bills, education expenses and funeral costs. Don’t hesitate to contact our agents at All Nations Insurance serving Renton, WA and the surrounding community and get life insurance coverage that suits your desires and requirements.

Term life insurance

It’s an affordable type of life insurance that offers prolific coverage for your beneficiaries for a specified period. The premiums are paid regularly the same amount throughout the specified time. Term policies don’t provide cash value accumulation. Death benefits get reimbursed to your beneficiaries should your death occur during the term your coverage is in action.

Permanent life insurance

This form of insurance provides coverage for your entire life as long as the policyholder pays premiums promptly. It offers the potential accumulation of cash value, which is tax-free. The death benefit remains the same, but the overall cash value will earn a fixed rate of return.

Universal life insurance

It is also a permanent policy where the insured get safeguarded with a guaranteed death benefit. It has a cash value like the whole life insurance, but the premiums you pay get channeled towards the cash value and the death benefit. It offers a wide range of investment options for having the freedom to invest your cash value where you wish.

Variable universal

With this type of life insurance, the policyholder is at liberty to invest the policy’s cash value in a separate available account. It possesses flexible premiums that get designed with a standard death benefit or an increased death benefit.

Are you searching for an affordable life insurance policy that will cushion your dependents financially upon your unexpected demise in Renton, WA? Please call or visit us at All Nations Insurance to get more information about life insurance.

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