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How Often Should I Review My Home Insurance Policy

Purchasing a home is a significant financial commitment, and this is why you should buy homeowners insurance. However, to ensure that your home insurance provides you with adequate coverage, it’s crucial that you review it often. Here’s how frequently you should review your home policy as a resident of Renton, WA. 

Reviewing Home Insurance Policy

1. When Renewing Your Policy

You likely have to renew your home insurance policy every 12 months. It’s best that you start by reviewing your policy before renewing it. A lot might have changed about your property over the last 12 months that you need to update your policy. You might also want to change your deductible to reflect your current financial situation.

2. After Doing Renovations to Your Home

Renovating your home will usually increase its value. It’s vital that you review your home insurance policy soon after you complete renovating your home to indicate the increased value of your home and the renovations done. At All Nations Insurance, we suggest you do this so that if anything happens to your home, the settlement from your insurer will reflect your new home value.

3. When the Property Value in Your Neighborhood Rises or Falls

Residential property values are constantly fluctuating. If you have home insurance and the value of residential properties in your neighborhood rises, you will have to update your policy to show this. On the other hand, if the property values fall, you will also need to update your home policy, which might result in lower premiums for you.

4. When You Buy Expensive Stuff

No matter where your enthusiasm falls, you likely purchase expensive stuff such as art and jewelry and keep them in your home; whenever you do this, update your home policy. This will ensure you are compensated if your expensive purchase is damaged or stolen.

Are you looking to purchase home insurance in Renton, WA? All Nations Insurance has the best home insurance deals for you.

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