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Iran arrests militants linked to attack on Revolutionary Guards

Iran arrests militants linked to attack on Revolutionary GuardsRevolutionary Guards have broken up a group of militants in southeast Iran who were linked to a suicide bombing that killed 27 guards near the border with Pakistan last week, the Corps said on Monday. "Last night, a terrorist cell was identified and destroyed in an operation," the Corps said in a statement carried by the semi-official Tasnim news agency. Three militants were arrested and explosive material was seized from houses in the cities of Saravan and Khash, it said.

POSTED FEBRUARY 18, 2019 6:54 AM

Fathers becoming fathers: The Vatican's secret rules

Fathers becoming fathers: The Vatican's secret rulesFrom a Stonehenge mystery to Bernie Sanders running for president, here’s Tuesday’s top news.

POSTED FEBRUARY 19, 2019 6:19 PM

Man punches and throws hot coffee on Sikh 7-Eleven clerk because he 'hates Muslims'

Man punches and throws hot coffee on Sikh 7-Eleven clerk because he 'hates Muslims'A man has been charged with a hate crime after allegedly attacking a Sikh employee of a California 7-Eleven convenience store. The man can allegedly be seen on surveillance footage punching the employee, and throwing coffee on him after he attempted to leave without paying for coffee. The man, identified by police as John Crain, was arrested by the Marysville Police Department.

POSTED FEBRUARY 19, 2019 11:28 AM

China data leak exposes mass surveillance in Xinjiang

China data leak exposes mass surveillance in XinjiangA Chinese technology firm has compiled a range of personal information on 2.6 million people in Xinjiang -- from their ethnicity to locations -- according to a data leak highlighting the wide extent of surveillance in the restive region. Xinjiang is home to most of China's Uighur ethnic minority lives and has been under heavy police surveillance in recent years after violent inter-ethnic tensions. Nearly one million Uighurs and other Turkic language-speaking minorities in Xinjiang are reportedly held in re-education camps, according to a UN panel of experts.

POSTED FEBRUARY 19, 2019 5:36 AM

Israeli leaders' Nazi remarks scuttle summit with Europeans

Israeli leaders' Nazi remarks scuttle summit with EuropeansJERUSALEM (AP) — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's off-hand comment in Warsaw about Poland and the Holocaust set in motion a diplomatic crisis that on Monday scuttled this week's summit of central European leaders in Israel.

POSTED FEBRUARY 18, 2019 7:39 AM

Huawei Founder Says There's No Stopping China's Tech Giant, Despite U.S. Pressure

Huawei Founder Says There's No Stopping China's Tech Giant, Despite U.S. PressureRen Zhengfei says there's "no way the U.S. can crush" the company

POSTED FEBRUARY 19, 2019 3:18 AM

Isil bride Shamima Begum suggests she is prepared to go to prison if Britain allows her back

Isil bride Shamima Begum suggests she is prepared to go to prison if Britain allows her backThe schoolgirl who ran away to join Isil has indicated that she is prepared to go to prison if she gets her wish to return to Britain. Shamima Begum said that she was still determined to come back from Syria despite knowing that UK authorities have the “option” to send her to jail. In an interview with the BBC yesterday, while cradling a newborn baby, the teenager was asked what she thought would happen on her return. “My first priority is my son, obviously,” she replied. “Because I don't know whether he'd be taken away from me or they'll let me keep him or give him to my family while the UK decides what to do with me. To put me in prison, to put me in a de-radicalisation course, I don't know.” Isil bride Shamima Begum | Read more Ms Begum flew to the Middle East four years ago to join the terror group.There, she married a Dutch-born fighter with whom she had three children. Her two eldest children have died, but she reportedly gave birth at a refugee camp in northeastern Syria at the weekend. Since she was discovered, Ms Begum has faced criticism for a lack of remorse, and an apparent reluctance to disavow Isil teachings. When asked about the enslavement and rape of Yazidi women by jihadist fighters, she replied yesterday: “Shia do the same in Iraq.” Shamima Begum has indicated she is prepared to go to prison if she is allowed back to Britain Credit: Enterprise/Enterprise Later she likened the deaths of 22 innocent people in the terrorist attack on an Ariana Grande concert in 2017 to the "women and children" being bombed in Baghuz, where Isil fighters are currently making their last stand. "I do feel that it's wrong that innocent people did get killed,” she said. “It's one thing to kill a soldier that is fighting you, it's self-defence, but to kill the people like women and children... "Just people like the women and children in Baghuz that are being killed right now unjustly, the bombings. It's a two-way thing really. "Because women and children are being killed back in the Islamic State right now and it's kind of retaliation. Like, their justification was that it was retaliation so I thought 'OK, that is a fair justification'." Ms Begum said she was old enough at 15 to make her own decisions, and added that she was partly inspired by videos hostages being beheaded, and also by propaganda videos showing "the good life" under IS. Isil schoolgirl | The schoolgirl who turned to Isil She added that she had watched videos of the murders of British hostages but did not know the names of the victims. "I just want forgiveness really, from the UK,” she said. “Everything I've been through, I didn't expect I would go through that. "Losing my children the way I lost them, I don't want to lose this baby as well and this is really not a place to raise children, this camp." The teenager also admitted that her disappearance had been a propaganda coup for Isil but insisted that she did not ask to be the subject of international media attention. She said: "I didn't want to be on the news at first. I know a lot of people, after they saw that me and my friends came, it actually encouraged them. "I did hear, yeah, a lot of people were encouraged to come after I left but I wasn't the one that put myself on the news. "The poster girl thing was not my choice."

POSTED FEBRUARY 18, 2019 3:57 PM

Seven MPs Resign from Labour Party

Seven MPs Resign from Labour PartySeven members of British Parliament -- Chuka Umunna, Luciana Berger, Gavin Shuker, Angela Smith, Chris Leslie, Mike Gapes, and Ann Coffey -- resigned from the Labour party Monday over concerns about Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, forming their own contingent, the Independent Group.Berger, Labour's most high-profile Jewish member, called the party “institutionally anti-Semitic” and accused it of “a culture of bullying, bigotry and, intimidation," saying she is now "embarrassed and ashamed" to be a member.Leslie said the party has been “hijacked by the machine politics of the hard left.”In a statement, the group charged that Labour, "once committed to pursue a spirit of solidarity, tolerance and respect," has "changed beyond recognition," and lamented that, "Today, visceral hatreds of other people, views and opinions are common-place in and around" the party.Besides the party's struggles with anti-Semitism, the seven lawmakers cited Corbyn's weak handling of Brexit, policies damaging to Britain's national security and economy, and lack of action on humanitarian distress."The values we hold mean that, in all conscience, we can have no confidence in the party’s collective leadership, competence or culture," the group's statement said. It stressed that more power should be delegated to local governments who have their finger on the pulse of their communities' needs. It also said that economic advancement should occur on the basis of merit, asserting that "everybody can and should make a contribution to society and that contribution should be recognized."Corbyn said he was "disappointed" in the members' decision.“The Conservative Government is bungling Brexit,” Corbyn said, “while Labour has set out a unifying and credible alternative plan.”

POSTED FEBRUARY 18, 2019 10:42 AM

Aurora shooter Gary Martin ignored gun card revocation

Aurora shooter Gary Martin ignored gun card revocationThe heartache at Henry Pratt Company that ended with six people dead and five police officers wounded-started in 2014, although nobody knew it.

POSTED FEBRUARY 19, 2019 10:35 AM

Pakistan Vows Retaliation If India Launches Military Strikes

Pakistan Vows Retaliation If India Launches Military Strikes“Pakistan will not think of retaliation, Pakistan will retaliate,” Khan said in a televised speech on Tuesday. Tensions between the historic arch-rivals have been high since a militant car bombing, claimed by a Pakistani-based group Jaish-e-Mohammed, on Feb. 14 in Kashmir killed 40 members of India’s security forces -- the deadliest strike in the region in decades.

POSTED FEBRUARY 19, 2019 9:06 AM

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